Nastaliq Calligraphy, A World of Beauty!

Welcome to, the most comprehensive source of information about Nastaliq.

Here you will find resources about an intricate calligraphic style, the art of Nastaliq calligraphy. Also you will find beautiful art pieces in form of calligraphy painting. Even if you do not read and write the language, your eyes enjoys the natural curves in Nastaliq strokes. 

What We Do?

We are committed to provide all art-lovers who are interested in learning the art of Nastaliq calligraphy with information about Nastaliq, its history, and the principles of it as an intricate art form. We are also committed to introduce the philosophy behind the backbone of Nastaliq calligraphy that is mostly literature and poetry.

We also provide our customers who appreciate Nastaliq calligraphy with calligraphy paintings on canvas in art gallery section as well as custom Nastaliq calligraphy designs upon request.

Nastaliq Calligraphy Classes:

In an innovative approach in art education, we offer online Nastaliq calligraphy classes through live video streaming where the students meet their art instructors on a weekly basis, get a new Nastaliq calligraphy lesson, and have the instructor's critiques on their practices. Learn more about classes


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