Calligraphic Forms in Nastaliq Style

As mentioned before, among contemporary Calligraphy styles in Persia, “Nastaliq” and “Cursive Nastaliq” are certainly the most popular ones. This is the reason that we will be trying to focus on these two styles. There are a few distinct forms to present these calligraphy styles and we will have a pictorial overview on these forms:

1- Linear-Script (Satr Nevisi):

Usually to write a single quote or a single line selected out of a poem

2- Double-Line Script (Beyt Nevisi):

Usually to write a full verse of a poem that consist two lines; these two lines could be horizontally aligned in front of one another or they can be on top of one another. They also can be in two lines with a little indent.

3- Double-Diagonal-Script (Chalipa):

Usually to write two verses in a diagonal format. It follows very strict rules that make this form the most difficult form. This form is one of the major parts of the nation-wide Nastaliq calligraphy exams held by Iran Society of Calligraphers in Iran.

4- Fine-Script (Ketaabat):

To write a whole paragraph or to write a short historical story in a few lines. This form also is one of the major parts of the nation-wide calligraphy exams in Society of Calligraphers in Iran.

5- Letterhead-Script (Katibeh):

Usually to write a quote in a decorative form sometimes with scrambled words that often makes it hard to read. One of the most common techniques in this form is arranging stretched word on top of each other in such a way that stretched letters are parallel. Another technique is to arrange curved or circular letters next to one another. This form may be used as architectural decoration on entrance arches in mosques, shrines, or even luxurious houses.

7- Decorative-Repetitive Script (Siah-Mashq)

Decorative-Repetitive-Script (Siah-Mashq): This form has been originally practice of calligrapher on a single piece of paper. Obviously main purpose is to preserve paper. Nevertheless, during the centuries it has been noticed these harmonic elegant movements of those dancing curves creating beautiful repetitions may be an independent calligraphy form itself.

8- Calligraphy-Painting (Khat-Naqqashi):

This form is one of the most beautiful forms of the contemporary Nastaliq or cursive Nastaliq calligraphy. It presents calligraphy and painting combined together.