Born in 1971, in Iran, by the time he received his degree from University of Teharn in 1996, his artworks had already attracted many art lovers in his gallery representations.

Renowned for his skill as a modern calligrapher he introduces a new category in Persian cultural art named RPC.  His art pieces truly influences viewers and take them beyond the visual beauty of art and connect them to Persian poetry, literature and life philosophy.

Reza's eye-catching artworks are a combination of Nastaliq characters and colors representing happiness, energy, and spirit of the culture.

Through his unique approach to the art of Nastaliq calligraphy, he modernizes the style of this classic Persian art to demonstrate a new method in this area. He walks the viewers of his artworks through a pleasurable journey, from curves, stretches, colors, and shadows in his calligraphy to poems and depth of Persian literature



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